A Research film, by Dominic Lees, looking at replacing actors faces with another. For this film the actors face would be replaced with that of Margaret Thatchers. The scenes shot in this film were apart of a bigger feature films that could be made based on the results of the pre-production. 
For this film I was apart of the art department and in charge of costume. For the set we needed to build a replica of the Brighton Hotel that was bombed by the IRA in 1984. this set consisted of two rooms, to save space we made one room with a removable wall and redressed the set when we needed the other room of the hotel. 
Costume was an important aspect in this film as it needed to look like clothes that Thatcher would have worn. The director, production designer and myself went to the Bristol Costume Service to search for the clothes that we needed. Using the reference photos that the director had chosen I searched for clothes that looked similar, the biggest challenge was finding jewellery that matched Thatchers. Thankfully, the costume service had a vast range jewellery and I found all the items we needed. 

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